From Social Media to Social Business – FHNW CAS IT presentation

Today I had again the pleasure to give a lecture on how to define and implement and enterprise wide Social Business Strategy at the CAS IT Management Class in Olten, Switzerland.

The presentation covers a 3 point strategy and real customer use case examples on how to socially enable your processes to […]

From Social Media to Social Business

The presentation covers a 3 point strategy and real examples on how to socially enable your applications to make your Business more effective and efficient

Integrate Social into YOUR Business Processes Social ROI – What’s In It For the Business (WIIFB) Social Adoption – What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)


Community Equity Documentation

We hosted the developer wiki documentation for the Community Equity open source project on

Since this site has been decomissioned, we are looking for a new home for the content.

In the meantime you can access the documentation as a pdf version.

Happy coding :)


Der Business- Nutzen von Enterprise 2.0

Wie kann ein Unternehmen eine Enterprise-2.0-Strategie erfolgreich implementieren und dabei den direkten Business-Nutzen

messen? Wie können Mitarbeit motiviert werden, aktiv in Communities mitzuarbeiten? Ein Fallbeispiel von Sun Microsystems (Oracle) zeigt, wie mit «Enterprise

Communities» messbare Resultate erzielt werden.

Der Business- Nutzen von Enterprise 2.0

View more documents from Peter […]

Confluence meets Community Equity – finally

Exactly a year ago we announced the open source version of Community Equity at JavaOne. Also I had the pleasure to present the SunSpace success at the Atlassian Summit 2009 in San Francsico (and we won the “not just another wiki Charlies award). At this summit I talked about a possible open source Confluence plugin […]

Community Equity – Kenai and Netbeans 6.7 – cool –

Do you want to load the Community Equity project from Kenai to Netbeans with a few clicks ?

Now you can and it is sooo easy !

You just need to download Netbeans version 6.7


1. Login / Register on Kenai

2. Request for a membership in the Project Communit Equity by “bookmark” the […]

Community Equity Open Source

On June 1st 2009 @ CommunityOne in San Francisco, we announced the availability of Community Equity as an Open Source Community project !

Feature Summary

BSD license Scalable Java EJB foundation Restful Web Services Widgets My Community Equity Top Information, People, Country, Communities Tag Cloud Information Listing inter-widget communication internationalization Equity Administration Value administration Blacklist […]

Community Equity Widgets explained

How do we visualize Community Equity ?

This blog post explains the various widgets we have implemented as part of our SunSpace project.

Feedback is highly appreciated !

Personalized Widgets

This are set of widgets which are personalized for a specific user

My Community Equity

Use Case: Show the overall Contribution and Participation Equity across […]

Community Equity in Action

This week we hold the Sun Customer Engineering Conference in Las Vegas with over 4’000 participants and over 200 break-out sessions

At the conference we launched our first Community Equity Pilot based on CE2.0 – our Enterprise Social Network Community Framework for Customer Engineering .

Community Equity in action ! In a previous blog post […]

Community Equity – a way to measure Social Capital for an enterprise

Have you ever thought about how you might gain Social Capital in your live ? By inviting friends, participating in communities (like a church, a sports club etc.) and other social interactions you create personal Social Capital.

But how do you measure it? In the real live you might have friends which help you in […]