Community Equity – a way to measure Social Capital for an enterprise

Have you ever thought about how you might gain Social Capital in your live ?
By inviting friends, participating in communities (like a church, a sports club etc.) and other social interactions you create personal Social Capital.

But how do you measure it? In the real live you might have friends which help you in a bad situation or you get invited for a party and so on ….

Wouldn’t it be interesting to have a way to measure the Social Capital in an enterprise ?

Why? Because we could give the individual and answer to the most important question

” What is in it for me “

As part of our Customer Engineering CE2.0 project we are developing a measurable Community Equity System

The idea is pretty simple – lets measure the contribution, participation, skills and role equity of a person.

Community equity

Then we combine the Community equity values with the aggregated profile information of a person

pull to push

…. and then we can build user specific and dynamic mashup services based on the users need…

Use Case:

  1. A user specifies that she/he needs help to develop a certain skills or expertise ( lets say AJAX programming) and create a Skills tags with a personal rating 1 (= need help).
  2. The system dynamically generates a list of internal & external trainings, books, experts based on their Community equity value…
  3. The user takes an online training on Ajax programming and passes the final training test
  4. The training application updates the Skills equity of the person by updating the training equity
  5. The overall Skills equity of the person increases …

Pretty cool stuff I guess …. and YES we are looking in all the data privacy issues.

We are very interested in existing or evolving standards for rating, voting, commenting services etc.
specially in the Semantic Web space… Just leave a comment with a pointer … Thanks!

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