Social ROI and Social Value models

Last Friday I had the pleasure to deliver a keynote presentation to the McKinsey BTO team in Frankfurt.

The keynote focused on two topics:

1. How to measure the Return on Investment (RoI) by measuring the re-use of content during sales and project delivery and correlate it with the CRM Win/Lose Rate and Project Margin.


Der Business- Nutzen von Enterprise 2.0

Wie kann ein Unternehmen eine Enterprise-2.0-Strategie erfolgreich implementieren und dabei den direkten Business-Nutzen

messen? Wie können Mitarbeit motiviert werden, aktiv in Communities mitzuarbeiten? Ein Fallbeispiel von Sun Microsystems (Oracle) zeigt, wie mit «Enterprise

Communities» messbare Resultate erzielt werden.

Der Business- Nutzen von Enterprise 2.0

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Trusted content through facilitated communities

Recently I got a lot of questions on how to build trusted content with communities.

At Sun we have a community called Onestop. This is a community of around 300 subject matter experts who voluntary maintain a page around a topic like a product, a technology or a best practice. The people in the field […]

Risk Management and Community

Royal Bank of Scotland is holding their International Risk Congress in Edinburgh this week.

The theme is "join the conversation" and it is all about communities, Web 2.0, sharing and participation.

I had the pleasure to lead a workshop with RBS on how to build vibrant communities.


Salzburg New Media Lab: How to build vibrant communities

Today I had the opportunity to present at the 5 year anniversary event of Salzburg New Media Lab Competence Center.

See the presentation (find out the changes from the last version I posted :-) )

How to build vibrant communities

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