How to apply Semantic Web in Enterprises


Over the last three years, Oracle/Sun participated in a research project called Kiwi which ended in March 2011. KiWi is an open-source development platform for building metadata-driven Semantic Social Media and Social Networking application and is part funded by the European Union under the European Union 7th Framework Programme.

We already had extensive experience […]

Folksonomies and Taxonomies Cookbook

Daniela Barbosa from Dow Jones just published an excellent ebook about Folksonomies and Taxonomies.

Great work Daniela

… and while you reading it you will find a nice reference to our CE 2.0 project …


Community Equity Specification

Hurray! We finally filed the patent on Community Equity and I can disclose more details…. Overview

The objective is to build a dynamic Social Value system by calculating the Contribution, Participation, Skills, and Reputation equity a person can gain by actively engaging in online communities.

The Equity values are captured through activities that the […]