Community Equity – Kenai and Netbeans 6.7 – cool –

Do you want to load the Community Equity project from Kenai to Netbeans with a few clicks ?

Now you can and it is sooo easy !

You just need to download Netbeans version 6.7


1. Login / Register on Kenai

2. Request for a membership in the Project Communit Equity by “bookmark” the project.

3. In Netbeans, login to Kenai (Menu Team > Kenai > Login)

4. Get the Community Equity (Open Source) code from Kenai, use /trunk to get the latest version


5. Open the 6 downloaded projects. After opening, you may be need to correct the JDK plattform version (to 1.6) in all project properties to a version you have available.

200906091532.jpg 200906091532.jpg

6. Build & Run the project ceq


(Thanks to Max Wegmueller for providing the description)

That’s it …

…and btw Kenai und Netbeans support chat rooms as well – join the Community Equity chat room if you have questions or if you want to meet the Community Equity Community members.

Joining a chat room is easy. Download your favorite jabber client (Pidgin, Adium, etc…) and use the following settings:

Protocol: xmpp or jabber

Username: your kenai username

Password: your kenai password


Chat room name: community-equity