Enterprise 2.0: Social Software on Intranets

The Nielsen Norman Group has just released a new report called

Enterprise 2.0: Social Software on Intranets

This report collects best practices for how to design social features for intranets, including:

  • Blogs
  • Microblogging (intranet equivalents of Twitter)
  • News feeds (RSS)
  • Wikis
  • Social networks (intranet equivalents of Facebook)
  • Tagging and social bookmarking

The report also covers:

  • integration of these features with the overall intranet
  • adapting Web 2.0 to a company’s culture
  • community management
  • governance issues

Read Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox about the report

Sun actively participated in the report and following topics will be covered

SunSpace – Sun’s social community platform for customer engineering

Sweet – Sun’s internal microblogging pilot

Community Equity – Sun’s innovative value system for Online communities

Onestop – Sun’s most valuable technical community

SLX – Sun’s online video sharing platform

This is an excellent and valuable report and will help you to turn our old fashioned Intranet into vibrant communities :-)