Oracle Social @ OpenWorld

Hi there – Wanna know what going on at Oracle OpenWorld and Social?

Here are the hot tips!

Do you want to see the Oracle Social Engagement Center in action ?

You can explore the power of social publishing (Vitrue) and the live social monitoring (Collective Intellect) of the Social Buzz around OpenWorld.
Let’s see if you appear in the Tweeter stream :-).

Visit us at Moscone South main entrance (foursquare place) and meet the Oracle Social Geeks , @dankmbp and team.

Are you a social developer and want to discover Oracle Social Network (OSN) ?

cool – you can still join the OSN Developers Challenge , take the OSN technical preview tour and meet our WebCenter evangelists Jake (@theappslab) and @noelportugal.

Do you want to meet the Oracle Social Geeks and have some fun?

Then join us at the Social Plaza @ Oracle OpenWorld event on Tuesday, October 2, Noon–8:00 p.m. at the Mint Plaza, Fifth Street between Mission and Market.

cu you all at #oow