SunSpace – a sentimental moment

I just came back from California where I had a little sentimental moment.

With the great help from some former Sun colleagues we move the old SunSpace gear into a new data center in Santa Clara.

We will re-purpose the hardware as a new development infrastructure to build integrated demos around Oracle WebCenter products, Business Applications and Social Services.

now – I could not resist to restart the SunSpace applications and see if it still works. And hey – even though we had to re-IP the entire stack ( domain is gone) and with some little hacking (thanks to Apache reverse proxy) – we got it back!

Hey Max – now I just need to change your SSO hack to get login working again :-)

Hmm – I won't – but it is really nice to see it working again .. and it's time to switch it off and to work on the next cool things ..

Do you know Oracle WebCenter Sites (formely Fatwire)? Its Oracle's Web Experience Management Solution – a pretty cool technology and a very slick User Interface.

I specially like the drag&drop functionality which allows non technical users to easily publish content.

Why do I mention it here ? Because we will use the SunSpace gear to build cool Oracle WebCenter Sites demos and proof of concepts integration into Business Applications and Social Services :-)

This is a sneak preview what we are working on. Stay tuned…..