The Social Glue for Enterprise Applications

Tom Petrocelli of Enterprise Strategy Group published a report recently, “Oracle Social Network: The Social Glue for Enterprise Applications”, on Oracle Social Network (OSN) and how traditional social products create social silos whereas OSN is the “social glue” for enterprise applications.

This report supports the point of Oracle’s Social Business Strategy to seamless integrate social capabilities into the main business processes.

Socially_Empowered Business_Processes


Quote from report:

Oracle has adopted the correct approach to creating a social layer and socially enabled applications. Oracle Social Network is not simply another enterprise social network product; it is a complete social layer for the enterprise application stack. This approach will serve Oracle users well in the future.

OSN allow to capture the related Conversations of a business process right where it’s happens – within the respective Business application.

Fusion CRM is an excellent example for this approach.

Quote from report:

Oracle’s new software, Oracle Social Network, is an example of a solution to the silo problem. While Oracle fields a typical enterprise social network application with microblogging, file sharing, shared documents or wikis, and activity streams, the front-end application is only a small part of what Oracle Social Network does. Instead, Oracle Social Network is a platform that provides social features as a service to other enterprise applications. In effect, Oracle Social Network socially enables all of Oracle’s enterprise applications—all enterprise applications really—with not only the same features, but also the same conversations. As a result, the social conversations act as a conduit for inter-application communication and collaboration.

Source: ESG Research Report, Oracle Social Network: The Social Glue for Enterprise Applications, August 2012.

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