Der Business- Nutzen von Enterprise 2.0

Wie kann ein Unternehmen eine Enterprise-2.0-Strategie erfolgreich implementieren und dabei den direkten Business-Nutzen

messen? Wie können Mitarbeit motiviert werden, aktiv in Communities mitzuarbeiten? Ein Fallbeispiel von Sun Microsystems (Oracle) zeigt, wie mit «Enterprise

Communities» messbare Resultate erzielt werden.

Der Business- Nutzen von Enterprise 2.0

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How to apply Semantic Web in Enterprises


Over the last three years, Oracle/Sun participated in a research project called Kiwi which ended in March 2011. KiWi is an open-source development platform for building metadata-driven Semantic Social Media and Social Networking application and is part funded by the European Union under the European Union 7th Framework Programme.

We already had extensive experience […]

Enterprise 2.0 – how to build vibrant communities

I was invited to speak at a partner event from CNLAB and CSI Consulting in Zurich, Switzerland.

The theme of the event was “From Telephony to Communities“.

B. Fahrni, CSI Consulting talked about the transition of the business telephony into an integrated (IP-based) multi-channel strategy (pdf – german)

W. Lampart, CSI Consulting give an excellent […]


Do you know this guy on the left ? Yepp its me – when I started my career @Sun Microystems (Switzerland) on February 1st 1989. It has been a fantastic 21 years and 3 month ride. I had about 14 different positions in Switzerland, SEAME, EMEA and Corporate (and I guess around 16 different […]

Confluence meets Community Equity – finally

Exactly a year ago we announced the open source version of Community Equity at JavaOne. Also I had the pleasure to present the SunSpace success at the Atlassian Summit 2009 in San Francsico (and we won the “not just another wiki Charlies award). At this summit I talked about a possible open source Confluence plugin […]

Emerging Social Web Standards

There is an excellent article from Dion Hinchcliffe about emerging social web standards.

How to build a social value system – podcast live

Do you want to learn on how to build a social value system using Community Equity ?

Listen to the Innovation@Sun podcast and visit the blog

Actvity Streams meets Community Equity

Activity Streams ( is a extension of the Atom feed format to express what people are doing around web. This standard is still in Beta

but already adopted by Facebook, MySpace, Microsoft and others.

Why is this relevant to Community Equity ? Well – to calculate the social value of a content object, person, community […] – blog – live

I am happy to announce the new blog site

The main focus will be around:

Happy reading and Feedback/Comments are always welcome

Trusted content through facilitated communities

Recently I got a lot of questions on how to build trusted content with communities.

At Sun we have a community called Onestop. This is a community of around 300 subject matter experts who voluntary maintain a page around a topic like a product, a technology or a best practice. The people in the field […]