Dock-6.jpgDo you know this guy on the left ? Yepp its me – when I started my career @Sun Microystems (Switzerland) on February 1st 1989.
It has been a fantastic 21 years and 3 month ride.
I had about 14 different positions in Switzerland, SEAME, EMEA and Corporate (and I guess around 16 different managers :-) )
but it was a blast . I met great people allover the world, made a lot of friends, traveled the world (yes Reiser means Traveler) , won big projects, created a lot of cool IP and had a lot a fun..

But most important I could spent my passion, brainpower and energy on my favorite topic

How to build vibrant communities !


– Swiss industry communities (Interactive TV consortium, Smartcard Forum)
– to SEAME solution centers ( I miss all the south european countries and the middle east )
– to EMEA solution practices
– to global solution communities aka mysolutions and AIM KMS
– we could finally design and implement the most exiting global community framework called

SunSpace and Community Equity !
Now its time to say goodbye Sun … – I will miss you !!

… on the other hand there are great opportunities in front of us . It will be a lot of fun to implement a SunSpace like model @Oracle …. stay tuned .. Peter is coming ..