WebCenter in action @SocialNow confererence

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On June 27th & 28th the SocialNow conference took place in Opporto, Portugal. Social Now is an international event with a interesting format, conceived to help you choose tools and identify approaches for the social organisation, not forgetting the importance of adoption and accompanying processes

Oracle presented following use case based on Oracle WebCenter.


1. Customer is requesting a proposal for a Service Level Agreement

2. A CRM opportunity is automatically created and the Sales Person initiates the project

3. A project collaboration space is automatically created and all related resources (documents, people) are added

4. The Sales team collaborates on the proposal using WebCenter social tools on web and mobile clients

5. The contract and SLA get’s approved and moved under Enterprise Records Management

6. The customer receives the contract and electronically signs the document.

The audience was using Twitter for live comments during the presentation.

Joaquim Baptista @pxquim

did the best demo so far, by telling a good if long story. Bravo!

Samuel Driessen @driessen
Social has to be embedded in business processes acc to Oracle
Didn’t know Oracle webcenter also has an iPhone app

Oscar Berg @oscarberg
Smart move of to record and show a screencast of his Oracle WebCenter demo and talk to it

: At Oracle our strategy is to embed social into business processes

jneves @jneves
mapping the use-case to a process before showing tech :)

Here you can view the presentation including the demo videos .

SocialNow presentation

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