SunSpace 1.3 released

This weekend we released some new and exciting features for SunSpace .

1. Federated Tagging widget

The new federated tagging widget allows to build tag clouds around federated content (e.g attachments,wiki pages from Confluence and MediaWiki), communities and/or people.

Example 1: Show a tag cloud of all Communities from SunSpace and order the tags by Tag Equity (Tag Equity is the social value of all information attached to a tag)


Example 2: Show a tag cloud of a person’s contribution tags in a given Community and order it by Usage (How many times a tag has been used by the user)


(you might notice that above tag cloud is my tag cloud from my contributions to the SunSpace dev community :-) )

2. Inter-widget communication

Now – our widgets can talk to each other. We implemented an inter-widget communication based on the Open Ajax Hub specifications.

3. Social Activities (Minifeed)

We added a new widget which shows the social activity around an information (wiki page, attachment etc.)


Due to data privacy concerns we don’t show the name of a page viewer – instead we show the country ..

(Hey Data Privacy is very important .. and you don’t wont get get in troubles with these guys :-) )