SunSpace is live

On July 14th we released the production version of SunSpace (formerly CE 2.0) to our global technical community @Sun.


This is probably one of the most advanced Social Networking implementation in a large Enterprise today !

It provides a social networking-enabled community framework and enables our user to:

1. Build their own social network and present themselves in a Facebook-style via My Profile (see video)

2. Join and start communities and collaborate using wiki, forums, and news feeds (see video)

3. Experience the value of their community contribution and participation through integrated rating, commenting and Community Equity services

4. Post and share documents, presentations and files with My Share ( see video )

5. Find what they need in ONE location by merging the main field’s collaboration tools into a single Web 2.0 venue.

Currently we have over 10’200 registered users and around 90 communities .. and we growing about 100-200 people a day !.