Social Business Forum Milano: Day 1

Here are my impressions of the first day of the Social Business Forum in Milano

A dialogue on Social Business Manifesto – Emanuele Scotti, Rosario Sica

The presentation was focusing on Thesis and Anti-Thesis around Social Business

My favorite one is:
social business manifesto theses #2: organizations are conversations – hello Oracle Social Network :-)

Here are the Thesis (auto-translated from italian to english)

From Stress to Success – Pragmatic pathways for Social Business – John Hagel

John Hagel talked about challenges of deploying new social technologies. Below are some key points participant tweeted during the session.
Favourite quote this morning ‘We need to strengthen the champions & neutralise the enemies’ John Hagel. Not a hard task at all ;)

Minimize the power of the enemies of change. Maximize the power of the champions – John Hagel

John Hagel change: minimize the power of the enemies

John Hagel social software as band-aid for poor leadtime/waste management? mmm

“information is power. We need access to information to get power”John Hagel, Deloitte &Touche

Information is power and Knowledge is subversive. John Hagel

john Hagel: innovation is not rational.

John Hagel: change is a political (not rational) process

Enterprise gamification to drive engagementRay Wang

Ray Wang did an excellent speech around engagement strategies and gamification

More details can be found on the Harvard Business Review blog

Panel Discussion: Does technology matter? Understanding how software enables or prevents participation

Christian Finn, Ram Menon, Mike Gotta, moderated by Paolo Calderari


Below are the highlights of the panel discussions as live tweets:

Q: social silos: mega trend social suites – do we create social silos + apps silos + org silos …

A: Social will be less siloed – more integrated into application design. Analyatics is key to make intelligent decisions

– A: its more social be design then social by layer – Better work experience using social design.

Ram Menon: A: Social + Mobile + consumeration is coming together

Q: What is the evolution for social business solution in the next 4-5 years?

Adoption: A: User experience is king – no training needed – We let you participate into a conversation via mobile and email

A:Adoption – how can we measure quality? Literacy – Are people get confident to talk to a invisible audience ?

Ram Meno: A:Adoption – What should I measure ? Depend on business goal you want to active?

Q: How can technology facilitate adoption

Ram Menon: 100% of data is in a system somewhere. 100% of collective intelligence is with people. Social System bridge both worlds

Adoption is specific to the culture of the company

– drive adoption is important – activity stream + watch list is most important feature in a social system

Why just adoption? email as 100% adoption?

Ram Menon respond: there is only 1 questions to ask: What is the adoption? you like this ? :-)

– just replacing old technology (e.g. email) with new technology does not help. we need to change model/attitude

Ram Menon: CEO mandated to replace 6500 email aliases with Social Networking Software

A: How to bring interface together . Going from point tools to platform, UI, Architecture + Eco-system is important

Q: How is technology important in Social Business A: – technology is enabler , user experience -easy of use is important

particiapte in panel “Does technology matter? Understanding how software enables or prevents participation”