How to build a social value system – podcast live

Do you want to learn on how to build a social value system using Community Equity ?

Listen to the Innovation@Sun podcast and visit the blog

Actvity Streams meets Community Equity

Activity Streams ( is a extension of the Atom feed format to express what people are doing around web. This standard is still in Beta

but already adopted by Facebook, MySpace, Microsoft and others.

Why is this relevant to Community Equity ? Well – to calculate the social value of a content object, person, community […] – blog – live

I am happy to announce the new blog site

The main focus will be around:

Happy reading and Feedback/Comments are always welcome

Trusted content through facilitated communities

Recently I got a lot of questions on how to build trusted content with communities.

At Sun we have a community called Onestop. This is a community of around 300 subject matter experts who voluntary maintain a page around a topic like a product, a technology or a best practice. The people in the field […]

SunSpace wins Atlassian Charlies award

I had the pleasure to present at the recent Atlassian summit in SFO last week.

During the summit Atlassian announced their Charlies awards.

SunSpace won the The “Not just another wiki” Award: Best use of Confluence.

Thanks to Atlassian and big cudos to the SunSpace team !

Attlassian Summit: SunSpace

View more Microsoft Word documents […]

Twitter Updates for 2009-09-16

hmm ..interesting I get more referrers trough Facebook then trough Twitter -tracked with = own your analytics data :-) # @daveoflynn thanks :-) in reply to daveoflynn # RT @peterreiser: announcing the new blog site .. check it out :-) # Actvity Streams meets Community Equity – # announcing the new […]