Community Equity Widgets explained

How do we visualize Community Equity ?

This blog post explains the various widgets we have implemented as part of our SunSpace project.

Feedback is highly appreciated !

Personalized Widgets

This are set of widgets which are personalized for a specific user

My Community Equity

Use Case: Show the overall Contribution and Participation Equity across […]

SunSpace – Atlassian Webinar – Q & A

Thanks a lot to all who attending the SunSpace webinar with Atlassian. We had a lot of attendees […]

SunSpace explained – Atlassian Voice of the customer webinar

Here is the presentation for Atlassian's – Voice of the customer webinar

Date: 12. February 2009 Time: 9am – 10am Pacific Time Registration:  



Atlassian Webinar: SunSpace


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