Interview with Robert Scoble and Shel Israel

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to be interviewed by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel . It was a lot of fun. Specially when you do live interview while you drive on  Highway 101….

Thanks guys


SunSpace is live

On July 14th we released the production version of SunSpace (formerly CE 2.0) to our global technical community @Sun.

This is probably one of the most advanced Social Networking implementation in a large Enterprise today !

It provides a social networking-enabled community framework and enables our user to:

1. Build their own social network […]

Interview with Shel Israel about Community Value System

link to the video

Shel Israel’s summary: “As the chief architect of Sun’s Community Equity 2.0 (CE2.0) project, Peter Reiser is considering the place of the individual in a social network from the perspective of a computer scientist, a sociologist, a psychologist, and a carnival ringleader. An attempt to mesh Web 2.0 technologies with […]